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EZ Autos version 6 is available

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After months of work, I'm pleased to announce the release of EZ Autos version 6 - and like EZ Realty version 6 - this version of EZ Autos has been released under the creative commons gnu gpl license rather than the commercial license I've used in the past.

EZ Autos version 6 has been coded to make use of payment system plugins now - rather than being tied to the payment processor code that was a part of EZ Autos. This will provide a more flexible means for users to select a payment processor that suits them, as not everyone has access to PayPal. A PayPal payment plugin will come standard with EZ Autos, and alternative payment processors can be obtained from Rob Joyce at

The old system of generating decimal coordinates for google mapping during the save listing process had the occasional problem for some users, as some web hosts didn't permit the method used to connect to google. In light of this, I've replaced the old coordinates generation system with an embedded clickable map, so you'll only need to click the map to find the necessary coordinates - and the coordinates will populate the necessary fields. The old popup coordinates finder has gone as a result, so there's now one consistent system which should be trouble-free for all users.

Gone are the tabbed pages in the admin area add/edit vehicle listing form, and they've been replaced by a more compact page layout with 2 columns and sliders. It's a complete change to how it used to look, but I'm sure you'll find it far easier to add listings using this layout than the previous layout.

The admin vehicle listings manager has also had a number of changes as a result of the rewrite - the first being the column headers are now clickable and will order/re-order the columns. The delete listing link is also gone - to be replaced by a delete button at the top - which will allow you to delete individual or multiple listings. One other link to have some changes is the admin print listing link. It used to open a popup browser window, and this has been replaced by a Moodle popup - so the printable page opens on a nice darkened background.

When you enter EZ Autos for the first time, the biggest change you'll notice is the admin cPanel has been redesigned. It has new larger graphics and a cool blue/green colour scheme, so it's much easier on the eyes to look at. It's also less cluttered, as a number of functions have been integrated, and others removed for various reasons. For example - the export subscribers function is no longer available, as I've simplified many areas to simply integrate with something else - rather than provide secondary backup systems. So, rather than having the choice of saving newsletter subscribers to an EZ Autos table, receiving a notification that someone would like to be added to your newsletter, or the option to save subscribers to ccNewsletter - there is now the single choice to save subscribers to the ccNewsletter system. The external site feed exports to other sites have also been removed from EZ Autos, and they'll be managed via the new EZ Feeds component. This particular component won't be available for another couple of days yet, as I still have the feed files to update.

The frontend of the site has also had a number of changes. The first is the view profile page - it used to have a link to view the seller's listings - but now those listings are contained on the same page as the profile details. The frontend member's EZ Panel has had some minor design changes and new graphics, as has the frontend add/edit vehicle listing page. It too now has sliders rather than tabbed pages, and this has resulted in a more compact layout too.

I suppose the biggest change with EZ Autos version 6 is it's a complete rewrite of the code base into MVC code structure, and this has been done to prepare EZ Autos for the upcoming Joomla 1.6x release.

Well, I know there have been many who've been waiting for this release to become available - so I'll get back to finalising the rest of the files which still need to be uploaded.


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