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Recent server upgrades cause online store problems

Hi everyone!

There has been a recent upgrade to the server that I run my site on, and that has caused some unanticipated problems with the online store software.  Due to interruption that this has caused - I've decided to move sales back to my business site at  Sorry - I know this is a bit of short notice :-(  I had thought I was prepared for managing this changeover - but I didn't factor in getting the flu and spending yesterday in hospital being treated for dehydration.

All customers with current support subscriptions at can continue to receive support from me via the ticketing system here, and those customers should also be able to access their downloads here.  If you're a customer with a current subscription - and you can't access the ticketing system etc - please contact me via email.

New sales and associated support will be handled over at, which has an updated online user guide and crowd-support.




Video tutorials added to the knowledgebase

I've had a really busy week in-between getting the podcast up and running and recording new video tutorials - and I'm happy to say I'm getting there.  Today, I added 3 videos to my Youtube account - and you'll also find them here on JustJoomla.  Follow the "Knowledgebase" -> "Video Tutorials" menu link, and then click on the title you want to watch.  Alternatively, visit my Youtube page and subscribe to receive notifications as I release more videos.

For starters though - I'll be working through the basics - and today's releases cover doing a new EZ Realty and new EZ Autos installation on Joomla 2.5x, as well as how to do a manual installation by using the Joomla "Discover" functionality.

Future videos will cover various aspects of building your EZ* site, so I hope you'll find them to be a userful resource if you're new to Joomla.

Site upgrade and other spring-cleaning

I've been doing some long-overdue site upgrades and spring-cleaning today, so I'm sure you've all noticed the new site design as part of these changes.  All of the software information has been updated to reflect the changes in features, and I've updated the site FAQ's and other general information.

Part of my site updates has also been the decision to discontinue availability of the EZ Realty and EZ Autos subscriptions for Joomla 1.5x, as the future is Joomla 2.5x - and that's where my development direction is now.

All customers who've got subscriptions for the Joomla 1.5x versions of my software will continue to receive support and access to downloads until those subscriptions expire.  After that - if customers require support for Joomla 1.5x versions of my software - contact me about making support arrangements.

Also of interest to customers will be the inclusion of a couple of new demonstration sites - for my upcoming EZ Affiliates and EZ Clubs extensions.  If I've got you interested - check out the product information for these components, and check out the demo sites.  BTW - EZ Affiliates doesn't just list quad bikes - it'll list a range of products ;-)

OK - so onto other changes here at JustJoomla.  I've got the newsletter manager back online again, so I'll be able to start sending out newsletters when there are new upgrades available.

I've also released upgrades for EZ Realty, EZ Autos, and EZ Portal - as well as some new cross-component support files for them.  New files include contentelement files for Falang if you'll be using it to translate your site content, and a file for the Osol captcha plugin.  EZ Watchlists will also have an update released later this evening along with an Osol captcha file - so keep a look out for it too.

I hope you like the new site design, and updated information - and let me know if you run into any problems due to the changes.

RETS Integration is available for EZ Realty!!

RETS/IDX Import Support is Available for EZ Realty

I'm very pleased to announce that RETS/IDX import support is now available for EZ Realty as of version 6.10.0.  This is an important development for my US real estate customers - and it has been a long time coming for EZ Realty.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Steve over at Stallion Online Services  internet Properties Automatic Listing Systems (iPALS) for making this happen.  So, if you'll be needing RETS/IDX import support - visit or email the iPALS team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RETS Integration is coming to EZ Realty!!

Special Announcement: RETS Integration is coming to EZ Realty!!

Stallion Online Services, LLC began development of a commercial RETS bridge for Real Estate about 10 months ago, and they’re currently in the process of making their software, iPALS (internet Properties Automatic Listing System), compatible with EZ Realty.

What does iPALS do? In a nutshell, the Stallion Online Services internet Properties Automatic Listing Systems (iPALS) is a Patent Pending process which is an import and maintenance script that creates a seamless, simultaneous bridge between RETS servers and popular Joomla! Real Estate components, such as EZ Realty. When the script is run, either manually or via CRON job, the script will:

  • ·Import Agents
  • ·Import Property types, such as Residential, Commercial, Lease, and Multi-Family Listings, etc.
  • ·Remove listings
  • ·Update listings
  • ·Update sale types (from For Sale, to Pending, Leased, Sold)
  • ·Geocode listings (creation of latitude and longitude)
  • ·Downloading of images from the RETS server
  • ·and much more

Why iPALS? Localization of data and images, and improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many Real Estate website providers "wrap" the data into your website. The problem: all of the links for that data points back to the website providers website, and not yours. With iPALS, all of the listings are stored in a database for YOUR website, allowing for hundred, even thousands, of links back to your site, so YOU can make the sale.

Are you interested in iPALS for EZ Realty, or interested in more information? Please feel free to visit or email the iPALS team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a happy and safe festive season

Have a happy and safe festive season

To all of my wonderful customers and site visitors - have a happy and safe festive season, and may 2012 be a kinder year to all of us after the year of natural disasters that we've had. Take care on the roads if you need to drive anywhere, and if you're in Darwin or adjacent coastal areas of the NT - my thoughts are with you as you prepare for yet another Christmas cyclone.

I'll be taking Christmas day and Boxing day off to spend time with my family, therefore there will be no support services available on these 2 days. Support services will resume normally again on the 27th December, so please be aware of this down-time over the Christmas period.

best wishes,

The UK Postcode Project

Over the years, UK customers have occasionally had problems with the postcode radius search, as it wasn't possible to access a complete UK postcode database due to the monopoly over these by the postal system.  Instead - they had to make do with only a partial database consisting of 3 or 4 character postcodes - which resulted in the need to limit the size of postcode data entered into the property details form and search form.

In recent times though - complete databases have become freely available on the web via the UK's open data site - which is good news for my EZ* customers ;-)

These packages consist of about 110+ CSV files of complete UK postcodes - so over the coming months, I'll be working my way through them to convert them into CSV files that can be imported via the EZ Realty and EZ Autos postcode import function.

As they become available - I'll post them in the downloads area - but a word of warning, you won't be able to upload all of them onto your site.  There will simply be too much data for the search system to work.  I would recommend uploading only those postcode packages that you need to search your property listings.

If you find a particular package that you need isn't available - eg. nw.csv (which stands for all postcodes beginning with the letters NW) - submit a support ticket and ask that I add it "next on the list" for processing.  I'll only be processing packages when I've got available time though, as support and essential development work does have to come first ;-)

As a start though, I've got 20 UK postcode packages processed and available for download - so if you've got a subscription for the Joomla 1.5x version of EZ Autos or EZ Realty - log into your account and visit the downloads area to see which ones have been processed so far.

Instructions for use:-

If you're doing a new installation of EZ Realty or EZ Autos - simply import the postcode CSV file via the admin area cPanel postcode import function.

If you've got an existing installation of EZ Realty or EZ Autos and have previously uploaded an older database of UK postcodes - the first thing you need to do is determine whether there's a postcode package available for the postcode range you need.  If there is - then you should go into phpMyAdmin and empty the #__ezautos_postcodes or #__ezrealty_postcodes table of the postcodes that are in it - and then import the new postcodes via the EZ* admin cPanel postcode import function. is back up and running

Today's the day - is back

At last - I've finally relaunched as the central hub for distributing my software, and it's an exciting day for me. The launch of isn't just a new place to get Joomla extensions - it represents the end of my commercial software licensing - and switch to licensing my software under the creative commons gnu gpl license.

For many people - this change may not mean much - but others will see the significance of this change, and understand the significant benefits to them as end-users. Customers will no longer be restricted from accessing the source code, and they won't be restricted in usage. Combined with the change to how larger products such as EZ Realty are distributed - these changes should make access more affordable to more people.

I've still got a number of other extensions to move over here - including EZ Autos - however I'm sure visitors to JustJoomla will find plenty to keep them occupied. I've also got a lot of work to do on the site, as I'm still writing a lot of tutorials and other site content to expand on the information already available here.

I hope you enjoy your visit to :-)

At last - rebuilding JustJoomla is almost finished

I remember back when I took offline for rebuilding - I thought it would only be offline for a couple of days.  Unfortunately - one thing and another got in the way of that rebuilding - so JustJoomla languished - as did the free addons I normally distributed via it.

This year though - I've had the time to get this rebuilding done, and in addition to that - I've been able to upgrade my various free Joomla addons, as well as write a couple of new ones.  I'm looking forward to getting the new site launched - and I'm looking forward to user feedback on new features and additions they'd like to see for the various new extensions I've written.

I'll see you all shortly ;-)

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